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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

When we think about epidemics and pandemics, we think of events in our history. We think of the Black Death, we think of the Spanish Flu. We think of smallpox, measles, and tuberculosis. With modern technology, globally widespread illnesses may seem far fetched. Unfortunately, as coronavirus has proven, it is possible to have a pandemic in this day and age. ⁣

Fret not, this too, will pass as all others have. First and foremost, we must learn from our history to not allow ourselves into making the same decisions. Here’s to hoping the federal government in each country is doing us all right! 😅⁣

Sarcasm aside, the difference between the epidemic and pandemic terminology must also be understood. Epidemic is defined as “an outbreak of disease that spreads quickly and affects many individuals at the same time.” Pandemic is with a greater range and coverage and multiple geographic areas are affected. ⁣

For further information, please watch @atomichands! They are more on the scientific side of these things than I am! Also, in no way am I an expert on all things diseases! I can only share what I know and what I’ve learned! ⁣

Anyway, coronavirus is a pandemic. As of the making of this video, there are more than two million (actually, nearly three) reported cases worldwide. There are 200,000+ reported deaths. That is……. Incredible, to put it simply. We all know why and how the pandemic grew so let’s move on instead! What I want to share today is the…… ⁣


[ for remaining transcript] ⁣


Special thanks to @TheDailyMoth, @AtomicHands, @DigItWithRaven for content ideas! Learn more about pandemics and epidemics from these accounts who have been actively posting or have had posted content about coronavirus and past pandemics/epidemics: ⁣


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