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In honor of #MuseumWeek and Women In Culture (#womeninculture), I will be highlighting some of my favorite female archaeologists! ⚒

For our fourth day, I am highlighting...... an incredible scholar, Dame Kathleen Kenyon! ⚒

Transcript: "Dame Kathleen Kenyon, a British Archaeologist (who was a “trowelblazer” in her right before the term was even invented). She is known for her numerous accomplishments such as the Wheeler-Kenyon Method (an archaeological excavation method: system involves digging within a series of squares that can vary in size set within a larger grid), the very first female Director of the Institute of Archaeology (in UK) and the groundbreaking discovery of Neolithic cultures in Jericho (Jerusalem) which confirmed the site as the oldest continuously occupied settlement in history!” ⚒

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