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In honor of #MuseumWeek and Women In Culture (#womeninculture), I will be highlighting some of my favorite female archaeologists! ⚒

For our third day, I am highlighting...... an innovative Digital Archaeologist, Dr. Ruth Tringham! ⚒

Transcript: "Dr. Ruth Tringham is a professor of Anthropology and Creative Director of the Center for Digital Archaeology at University of California, Berkeley.

Upon realizing "she had been imaging people in the past as faceless blobs instead of active, genedered participants in their own stories", she devled into the world of household archaeology by digitizing excavation sites. The virtual reconstruction of the Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk created a number of innovations: active digital video recording at excavations, experiments with burning, and interpretive video/audio walks where the user could choose their own path and storyline.” ⚒

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