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In honor of #MuseumWeek and Women In Culture (#womeninculture), I will be highlighting some of my favorite female archaeologists! ⚒

First up is the world renowned Egyptologist, and now, Space Archaeologist: Dr. Sarah Parcak! ⚒

Transcript: "Dr. Sarah Parcak,

An anthropology professor and a Director of Laboratory for Global Observation at University of Alabama-Birmingham, she has an incredible career! Utilizing satellite imagery (by using programs such as Google Earth), she was able to identify looted sites in Egypt and was able to provide abundant data over certain years of specific looted sites. This project is what won her the esteemed $1 million TED prize in 2016! She is still working on projects (and has a platform: @globalxplorer, where YOU can be a citizen scientist and help her find looted sites) at UAB."

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