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In honor of #MuseumWeek and Women In Culture (#womeninculture), I will be highlighting some of my favorite female archaeologists! ⚒

For our last day, I am highlighting...... a superstar since fifteen, Shahina Farid! ⚒

Transcript: "Shahina Farid, a British Archaeologist who was affectionately known as “the Lady of the Hoyuk” due to her extensive work at Catalhoyuk (a Neolithic site in Turkey) for 20 years as a Field Director and Project Coordinator!

Her work created countless archaeological and scientific studies and because of her, the “Hodder Reflexive Methodology” would only be a theory.

One of the many amazing traits about this woman is not in her career but in her determination: at 15, she knew and decided she wanted to be an archaeologist!” ⚒

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